Educator Resources

Educators = mentors. And mentors play a huge role in Doodle for Google. But you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve created four exercises to help you inspire students and get them scribbling, scrawling, and sketching their visions.

Introduction to Doodle for Google

In this video, students brainstorm
Doodle ideas and plan, practice,
and create their Doodle using their
chosen medium.

In this video, students write the
intent behind their Doodle in an
artist’s statement and analyze their
classmates’s Doodles.

In this video, students synthesize
their learning by comparing their
Doodle for Google art and writing
to other school-based topics and
themes. Students then celebrate
their work by brainstorming ideas
for sharing their Doodles in their

Doodle for Google Wrap-up
In this video, students review their
Doodle for Google experience.

Recommended songs for Musical Painter:

The following songs can be used for the Musical Painter brainstorming activity included in the Educator Guide

Jazz Song Electronic Song Salsa Song